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Brindley Heath Parish Council supports the interests of residents living in the beautiful rural landscape of forest and heathland known as Cannock Chase


Mediation Service

'Mediation Rugeley and Brereton' has been established by Rugeley Town Council and Brereton and Ravenhill Parish Council to provide a dispute-resolution service for the benefit of local people. 

Unlike many legal solutions to neighbour disputes, mediation offers a highly successful and informal way of resolving conflict. The service is impartial, confidential and free to residents of Brereton, Ravenhill, Rugeley and Brindley Heath Parish. 

 Landlords and commercial organisations are charged a flat-rate (currently £350 per mediation).

Mediation visits: Visits to clients homes can be made any time during the day or early evening up to 8.00 pm. There is also a limited availability for making visits on Saturdays.

The Service is able to deal with a range of disagreements. The following are examples: 

- Noise

- Children

- Boundaries

- Car Parking

- Animals

- Gardens

- Rubbish

The service does not cover divorce, custody and other family law disputes, nor does it cover criminal prosecutions.

Mediators:  Mediators are trained and accredited in mediation. Two people, at least one of whom is an accredited mediator, will visit you. The second person will either be a mediator, or a trainee mediator who will take no part in the mediation other than to take notes. All mediators are volunteers who act voluntarily and without payment. They are neutral, independent and impartial.

Summary: Mediation Rugeley and Brereton acts as a neutral third party to help resolve difficulties that arise between two or more neighbours within the locality and also between landlords and their tenants.

 Confidentiality: All information given to a mediator is treated with the stricted of confidence (unless you agree to share information under very limited circumstances) or where the law requires the mediator to disclose what has been said. 

To access the service and to apply for support with a neighbour dispute, please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Williams for an application form. Telephone 01543 503911.