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Ice Busters

Help is available for snow and ice problems from Staffordshire County Council 

What is Ice Busters?

 Ice Busters is a County Council highways initiative supporting self-help groups by providing them with advice and grit/brine to treat locally important foot-ways and pedestrian routes during the winter months keeping them clear of snow and ice.

The initiative is aimed at Parish Councils and residents associations who are able to mobilise dedicated volunteers to treat the foot-ways during periods of prolonged cold weather and clear snow over the winter.

The treatment options include the application of grit or a brine solution which will be provided by Staffordshire’s Highway Teams.


The amount of grit or brine provided should reflect the extent of the areas being treated. Depending on the severity of the winter, stocks may need to be replenished.

The initiative also offers a structure for the groups to extend the self-help to other, non-highway areas by supplementing the highway resources. Highway Teams may be able to assist with this.

 How do we get involved?

To become involved you’ll first need to contact your local Community Highway Liaison team on 0300 111 8000. With the support and direction of the Highway Teams an action plan will need to be drawn up and agreed. The plan should include information on:-

  • Contact details
  • Which footways are to be treated and under what conditions they will be treated
  • How the decision is made to treat
  • The chosen treatment

How it will be applied and storage details

Self-help groups need to make fully informed decisions and on top of providing the grit, practical advice is offered on treatment options, storage, planning gritting activities and updates on weather conditions. An action plan detailing how the service could be delivered locally can then be developed and agreed. Extensive information about Winter Operations is available on line, and community representatives are encouraged to explore the Highways pages| of the County Council web site.


Visit Staffordshire County Council Ice Busters pages

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