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New Magistrates needed in Staffordshire

More Magistrates are needed in Staffordshire

Twenty new magistrates are needed for the Staffordshire Bench. An individual does not need any specific legal training or formal qualifications to become a magistrate and applications are being sought from across the county and from all sections of the community. 

Magistrates are not paid (although some allowances can be claimed), and must be able to attend training and sit in court for at least 13 days a year.

Anyone between 18 and 65 may apply. Applications are particularly welcome from members of Black and Minority Ethnic communities, people under the age of 50, people in paid employment, and people with a disability who are able, either unassisted or with the benefit of reasonable adjustments, to carry out the full range of a magistrate’s duties. If you are interested in being considered for appointment and want to find out more about the work of a magistrate and how to apply, see:

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