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Funding Cuts to Bus Services

Rural campaigners warned that buses are being ‘wiped out’

The scale of cuts to bus services across the country have been unveiled in a new online interactive map.

Produced by Campaign for Better Transport, the research shows that local authorities are cutting more than £27m from bus budgets over the next few years.

The campaign group warns this will leave many rural and isolated communities with little or no bus services at all. The map is based on the recent “Buses in Crisis” report that shows £78m has been cut from local authority bus funding in England and Wales since 2010, resulting in over 2,400 bus services being reduced, altered or withdrawn from service.

Martin Abrams, public transport campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said: “With the government's promised Buses Bill on the horizon Ministers must explain exactly how this bill will help people and communities, particularly in rural and isolated areas, stay connected. Whilst the Buses Bill will enable much needed improvements for people in metropolitan areas, there is increasing worry and uncertainty as to what the future holds for bus users in non-metropolitan areas and with the scale of cuts we are now seeing, urgent action must be taken by the Government to ensure buses have the funding they need and deserve”