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RNIB On-Line Today Project

RNIB 'On-line Today' Project

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) is looking for volunteers for a project called “Online Today”, which supports blind and partially sighted people to use the internet with confidence. Support is delivered by a nationwide team of volunteers called the “Technology Support Squad”. RNIB is now looking for volunteers across Staffordshire to help local blind and partially sighted people get online.

As the project team point out, there are some amazing features built into modern digital devices that enable visually impaired people to use them. The “Technology Support Squad” visits people in their homes to help them unlock those features so that they have the same access to online services as everyone else. The role doesn't require any high tech knowledge - it suits anyone who is an everyday user of a smartphone or tablet.

Further details, including how to contact RNIB to pursue an interest in this initiative, are here.