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Brindley Heath Parish Council supports the interests of residents living in the beautiful rural landscape of forest and heathland known as Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase Local Plan Part 2

Cannock Chase Council is seeking our views on important plans for new housing, employment and town centre development that will shape the future of Cannock Chase District. See Consultation Letter

Cannock Chase Local Plan (Part 2)

The Cannock Chase Local Plan helps to shape the way in which the physical, economic, social and environmental characteristics of Cannock Chase District will change by 2028.  Local Plan Part 1 was adopted in 2014, and sets out the strategy for the District and says how much development overall as well as setting out policies for helping to decide whether planning applications are acceptable. Cannock Chase Council is now consulting on Part 2, which will contain the detail on which sites are suitable for what kinds of development or protection, and whether any further policy detail is needed.

Cannock Town Centre Area Action Plan (AAP)

The Cannock Town Centre AAP is being produced in parallel with the Local Plan (Part 2).  It will provide a vision for the future of Cannock Town Centre and will form a strategy for regeneration and positive change.  It will include both general town centre planning policies and specific guidance for the development of key sites.

A Non-technical Summary is available which provides an overview of the Local Plan and consultation process including a summary of each of the chapters within the Local Plan (Part 2) Issues and Options consultation document.  In addition there is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sheet and a Comments Form to assist consultees. If you would like to speak to staff please telephone 01543 462621 and ask for Planning Policy.

Please note the consultation period is from Monday 30th January to Monday 27th March 2017 so all comments should be received by Cannock Chase Council's Planning Policy Section before the end of that day.

All consultation documents, including the Integrated Impact Assessment (which incorporates the Sustainability Appraisal), Habitats Regulations scoping report and other supporting documents are available to view on Cannock Chase Council's website at:

and at Cannock Chase Council offices, Civic Centre, Beecroft Road, Cannock, Staffordshire. WS11 1BG.

Please respond via 

Reviewing the Green Belt

Green Belt boundaries are being reviewed for the purpose of considering whether any areas of land should be removed (or safeguarded for possible future development) to enable a potential supply of land beyond the Local Plan period, should this be needed (i.e. beyond 2028). 

The maps below show the sites under appraisal in Brindley Heath Parish.

Click on MAP to see close up images of the sites with their boundaries.

See INSTRUCTIONS for information about how to use the map. 

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